Laura Petty Kepley

SBA Business Development Officer
Wilmington, NC

With 14 years of sales and marketing experience in the banking and lending industries, Laura is an expert at helping small business owners find opportunities to fulfill their dreams of ownership. Her process involves developing a personal relationship with each client and going beyond the numbers to support their larger vision to grow their business.

Recent Small Business Success

Monticello Coffee Company Bolsters Local Revitalizes District

Annette Taylor used an SBA loan to transform an old abandoned building in the heart of Monticello, Arkansas, into a thriving craft coffee shop. The Monticello Coffee Company has given the city’s business district new life and has helped increase traffic at the surrounding businesses.

“The most exciting thing to me has been getting to know all the wonderful people in our community and seeing them every day when they come into our shop,” Taylor said. “This business has been my dream for many years, and SBA helped to make it come true.”

Monticello Coffee Company makes its syrups by hand and sources many of its other products locally. The SBA program not only gave Taylor the capital she needed to start her business, but allowed her to create jobs and support other businesses in her community.