5 Fun Self-Storage Commercials

man surprised looking in storage unit

If you’re in the self-storage business – or any business – take some marketing inspiration from these five commercials.

Access Self Storage “Pink Elephant”

This ad has everything: a lovely romance, high-stakes drama, and a grown man in a bizarre pink elephant suit.

So many questions.

Why has the guy concealed his profession from his lady friend? What does she think he does for a living? What, exactly, is this guy’s job?

And does he really drive with the mask on?

Hat tip to Inside Self-Storage for highlighting this one.

Goosebumps | Guardian Self Storage

What’s funnier – the man talking about his car as if it’s a woman, or the announcer assuring the viewer that Guardian Self Storage does indeed have storage?

Hey, wait a minute – is that guy drinking a big glass of water?


Here’s another ad with a clear story arc. The day is saved by – you guessed it – a self-storage business.

The acting is nothing if not expressive, but the ad does have at least one plot hole. If the girl’s nummy is so cherished, what is it doing at a self-storage facility? Maybe it’s explained in the director’s cut.

“Out the Closest” – Hawai’i Self Storage

Follow the bouncing baseball as some goofy people and a safe-shaped mascot put a self-storage spin on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

If you’re really into self-storage song parodies, the company also spoofed Gangnam Style. Of all the Psy parodies out there, it’s definitely one of the most storage-centered ones.

Fyshwick Self Storage Commercial

Looking for a more original self-storage song? This doesn’t appear to be a parody, although the music could plausibly be one of the background tracks that comes with a synthesizer keyboard.

What really sells this tune is the vocal performance. All together now: Fyshwick . . . FYSHWICK SELF STORAGE!

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