5 Ways to Tell Customers “Thank You”

Product sales in hairdressing salon

Are you thankful for your customers? Let’s hope so! They could have done business with a competitor, but they chose you instead. Do they know that you appreciate that?

Here are 5 ways to express your gratitude; they may not all apply to your business, but they are guaranteed to get your creative thanking juices flowing.

Discounts On Your Product or Service

It’s a simple rule of business: loyal customers get better deals. Just like a restaurant might give a regular a free drink or dessert, you can give your best customers a discount on whatever it is you do.

You might even want to thank all of your customers with a program like loyalty cards (i.e. 10 visits gets a free sub!).

But be careful.  A delightful surprise token of appreciation can turn into something clients just expect. You might not want your regulars to get a free drink every time.

Free Gifts Other Than Your Own Product or Service

These could be anything from small trinkets to all-inclusive vacations. They could also include brownies, tacos, cases of wine, or tickets to a Beyoncé concert.

Actually Saying “Thank You For Your Business”

Just say it. In person. While looking them in the eye and smiling. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it could be the best thing your customer hears all day.

You can also communicate the message through greeting cards, printed messages on your shopping bags, a personalized video from you and your colleagues, or even a singing telegram.

Go Above and Beyond

Often the best way to tell customers you’re thankful for their business is to do a good job. Treat their business with respect. This might mean taking extra care with the cake you’re baking, or taking a few extra minutes to make sure their car is spotless.

Do the kind of work you’d want someone to do for you, and you’ll show them how much you value their business.

Cast Them As An Extra In Your Next Commercial

Sure, this one is specific to businesses that actually make commercials. But it’s a useful reminder that there are many creative ways to thank your customers if you just keep your eyes open.

Sometimes it’s the little things that remind your customers how much you appreciate them. And it’s the little things they might never forget.

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