A Complimentary Analysis For Your Funeral Home Business

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Stephanie Dunn, Senior Vice President and SBA Division National Sales Manager at First Bank SBA, has been selected for a special partnership with National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL). Stephanie has been working with and advocating for funeral home owners for two decades and has been featured in funeral publications nationwide.

NGL announced the partnership with Dunn and Walker Posey, a fourth-generation funeral home owner, for an educational series on various preneed industry topics.

“As a leader in the preneed industry, we are continuously looking for ways to serve our funeral home partners,” said Steven M. Phelps, NGL Vice President and Director of Preneed Marketing. “NGL believes the legacy and success of the funeral home business is important and that includes understanding the need for lending, business planning, and future revenues through preneed insurance.

“We feel it should be easier for funeral homes to find the optimal finance solution if they are expanding, planning for the next generation, or looking to make improvements.”

Dunn and Posey are now offering NGL-partner funeral homes the opportunity to receive complimentary analysis of their funeral home business as well as strategic development for overall business enhancements.

“Every situation is unique, and I pride myself on developing a personal approach to solve their business needs,” Dunn said. “I’ve made it my mission to understand the evolving needs of the funeral home business and work tirelessly to help make dreams a reality by creating a lending solution that best suits the business’s goal.”

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