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Improve Your Chances of Getting an SBA Loan with Bulletproof Financial Statements

3 Key Financial Statements You Need to Support your SBA Loan Application Financial statements are an essential barometer of business success, both past and future. As such they are a key requirement for any loan application. Many times, these can be submitted as part of your business plan, but it’s a good idea to prepare […]

SBA Loan Options for Rural Small Businesses

Rural America is critical to our nation’s economy and small businesses located in these communities can be catalysts for growth. Yet, getting access to the financial resources that these businesses need to start-up, grow and expand is often challenged and hindered by perceptions of risk such as vulnerability to natural disasters, an inability to provide […]

Your FAQs about the SBA Loan Application Process Answered

If you’re seeking a loan for your small business, SBA loan programs with their lower down payments and longer repayment terms than those offered by conventional banks are often a favorable choice for small business owners. But how do SBA loan programs work? How do you find the right program for your needs, and what […]

What Can I do to Increase my Chances of Getting an SBA Loan?

As with any loan application, your lender will analyze your financials, business history, and plans for use of the proceeds, as well as your ability to repay the loan. Good credit, cash flow, a solid business plan, a strong balance sheet, profit versus loss, and other factors can all help boost your loan chances. SBA […]

How to Refinance Business Debt with an SBA Loan Program

Debt is often a necessary part of running a business. Whether you needed a small bridge to get started or working capital to fund growth, borrowing money is often a pre-requisite to making money. But high interest rates and large loan payments can raise your monthly expenses, make it harder to turn a profit, and […]

5 Attributes of a Winning SBA Loan Application

If you’ve never applied for financing before or have been turned down for a conventional business loan, you may wonder what’s involved in an SBA loan application. To help you better understand the process and up your chances of securing the loan you need, here are five tips for a winning loan application. Lean on […]