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A Complimentary Analysis For Your Funeral Home Business

Stephanie Dunn, Senior Vice President and SBA Division National Sales Manager at First Bank SBA, has been selected for a special partnership with National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL). Stephanie has been working with and advocating for funeral home owners for two decades and has been featured in funeral publications nationwide. NGL announced the partnership […]

The Funeral Industry: Consumer Preference vs. Industry Standards

Armed with two decades of banking and small business experience, Stephanie Castagnier Dunn, senior vice president and SBA division national sales manager at First Bank SBA, shared a wealth of financial expertise with attendees of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) Annual Convention, held April 18–21 in Las Vegas, NV. Alongside fourth-generation funeral […]

Small Business Drives the US Economy

Big businesses grab the headlines and often the glory when the economy is doing well, but small business owners are the true powerhouses behind economic improvements. Here’s why. Job Creation When you think of American employers, you may picture large companies like IBM or Home Depot. But did you know that small businesses make up […]

The Funeral Home Industry: Emerging Trends & Tips to Sustain Success

The funeral home industry has seen record revenues in recent years and is projected to exceed an annual revenue of $14B in 2017. However, the proliferation of cremation in the marketplace hasn’t gone unnoticed and will continue to present challenges to business and impact the industry’s revenue overall. As cultural traditions become less strict, cremation […]

Key Components of Financial Statements

Stephanie Dunn As a business banker lending to small businesses nationwide for over 18 years, there are basic financial fundamentals that will equip borrowers to master the numbers behind a business. Knowledge is power, and being able to decipher how the bank will look at business financials is key to structuring the appropriate loan solution. […]

Independent Pharmacy Overview: Part Two

In this second part of our series on modern, family-owned pharmacies, we identify the factors that allow these stores to survive, even when the chains come to town. Read Part One if you missed it. Those in the independent pharmacy business offer the following 5 tips for staying in the trade: 1. Seek New Revenue […]

Financial Pitfalls to Avoid When Running a Medical Practice

First Bank’s Travis Bailey assists a variety of small businesses, including medical and dental offices, with their financial needs. We recently spoke to him to learn about avoiding three of the biggest financial challenges a medical or dental practice might face. 1. Payment Delays Insurance payments, Medicare payments – medical practices can get into situations […]

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Medical Practice

With a growing population and the recent expansion of healthcare coverage in America, this is an exciting time to start a medical practice. Demand for doctors is slated to skyrocket over the coming years and advancements in technology and easier access to funding have made traditional barriers to entry melt away. But like all business […]