We’re invested in community pharmacy growth.

Our SBA pharmacy lending specialists have years of experience and understanding in how to develop responsible financial solutions for pharmacy business owners. We know many challenges independent pharmacies face today present major financial hurdles. Margin pressures from insurance companies, costly technology development, and clinical program investments are all impacting your bottom line.

Growing your pharmacy business requires sound financial planning and support. Our smart pharmacy lending solutions help create successful pharmacies.

Lending Solutions for Every Pharmacy Need.

Small business lending is all we do. We’re dedicated to helping community pharmacies across the country prosper and pursue their dreams.


Pharmacy Acquisition
Thinking about buying a pharmacy or expanding on your successes? An SBA loan can help you serve the health and wellness of your community.


Pharmacy Refinancing
Reduce your pharmacy debt burden by getting better terms on what you owe. Let us give your loan the proper evaluation and plan it needs to move forward.


Pharmacy Partnership Buyout
SBA funding can help you take control of your pharmacy business. We’ll develop the right loan solution for your unique situation.


Pharmacy Real Estate / Construction
Ready to build a better pharmacy? Our pharmacy loan specialists are experts in developing smart SBA loan programs to move your plans forward.


Pharmacy Succession Planning
Business transitions should be smooth, simple, and hassle-free. Our experienced SBA pharmacy lending team ensures you have one less thing to worry about.

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Simple, hassle-free SBA lending – the way it should be.
For over 80 years, First Bank has helped small businesses succeed. Continuing that long legacy, First Bank’s SBA group delivers the personal service you want, the accomplished partner you need, and the hassle-free lending experience you deserve.